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The car is hijacking our freedom #autokorrektur - Katja Diehl | Decide for Impact 363

September 8, 2022

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Today the conversation with Katja Diehl. With drive, know-how, and creativity mobility expert Katja Diehl looks forward to one society, which together builds a climate-friendly and attractive future for everyone – with more quality of life in cities and in the countryside.

She is the author of the book Autokorrektor. Mobility for a world worth living in. Get out of the car and fossil dead end, into inclusion, climate, and social justice. By bundling core competencies.

Enjoy the insights of Katja.

Let’s get started…


In this conversation with Katja Diehl I learned:

  • What is freedom about? What is the right for driving about?
  • Using the hashtag #autokorrektur to find her own ideas on Twitter
  • People started using the hashtag #autokorrektur as well
  • Are you someone that wants to drive a car or you forced to?
  • Large cars make people feel insecure.
  • People will bring children to school in a car because the parents feel scared about cars for the children.
  • Children are playing inside because parents are afraid.
  • We don’t see that the freedom of the car comes at the cost of other people’s freedom.
  • 113 people are traumatized when a person dies in traffic.
  • Cars are connection-avoiding machines.
  • When cars are slowing down to 30 km/h we become human again because we can see people in the eyes. At 50 km/h you can’t.
  • You can decide to be the changer or to be changed.
  • She likes to meet people, which is easier on a bike and public transportation. In the car, you don’t meet other people.
  • She mentioned Jan Kamensky creating utopias for cities. It is beautiful, look here 
  • Why don’t look the surroundings of your home look like holiday scenery? Why do have cars all around us at home and we go to more relaxed places for our holidays?
  • Research from Milan and London showed that by removing cars from the shopping areas the sales increase by 40% because people walk by the window and see more things.
  • She wants to change the world for the better.
  • She is not searching for work-life balance. There is always work to do.
  • As an activist you can not make money is a general opinion.
  • “I will make money and live good from my business.”
  • Do good work, with good people, and have fun.
  • Add working spaces to rural areas so employees can go by bike to the office.

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